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Winter’s Water Energy

July 3, 2014

3 July 2014

Greetings, The Winter Aiki Intensive has passed and with it a number of people successfully met the challenge of that practice. Shin Sen Dojo congratulates all those who did their Aikido grading. Rather than a test, it was more a celebration of the spirit – a positive acknowledgement and a wonderful testament of all those involved – of personal effort, will and self-growth.

Just as an intensive has it’s challenges so too Winter brings its own special challenges – particularly with the cold and the less active energy. In the 5 energies of ancient and modern oriental understanding Winter is called the time of water (eg summer = fire ). In oriental and western macrobiotic medicine water energy governs the Will and its related organs are the kidneys. The higher positive emotion of the kidneys is inspiration and confidence. The negative emotion in sickness is lack of will, holding back from life, tiredness and low emotional energy e.g. depression.

Aiki trainings (Ki energy cultivation, Aikido, Ki Shiatsu, Macrobiotic etc) supports the positive of each organ and its emotional mental and spiritual expression.

In my Ki Shiatsu practice, I am amazed at how many people’s kidney energy is low at this time. I see this manifest in a few different symptoms but especially as lower back pain or stiffness, other joint pain, tiredness, lack of motivation and low emotional energy. However since the body always seeks balance especially with the right encouragement, the Ki of the body, mind and emotion again finds its right flow. The encouragement can come in many forms whether it is through the restorative powers of Ki Shiatsu, returning to centering medicinal foods or finding a consistent practice that moves our energy forward. If we are to realize our higher potential and thus manifest our goals then Life definitely needs to be met.

In the 5 energies referred to earlier, there is also an associated colour for each energy and it’s related organ. For fire and the heart it is the colour red. For metal energy which relates to the lungs it is white. For water energy and the kidneys it is black. Black is also the colour associated to will and intention.

This positive expression of black is the meaning of black belt in traditional disciplines. Black belt means one who has persevered through challenges and strengthened their will so that they will not deviate from their true path in life. This strengthening of will and intention is one of the deepest benefits of Aiki trainings. This strength of will and intention is also one of the most important qualities we need to realize our deepest dreams and goals.

The positive direction and extension of our will is one of the meanings of “Always extend Ki”. It means having the spirit of never giving up or in the words of one old friend “Carry on regardless”.

I invite you to deepen and continue your training and to allow your higher will to shine forth, so that all challenges become joyful experiences that add momentum to what you are here to do.

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