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Winter Intensive 2015 – A Positive Experience

June 15, 2015

By Peter Hons, Shin Sen Dojo Tamworth.

As the Shin Sen Dojo Winter Intensive comes to a close in Sydney, it’s a time to reflect on experiences, lessons and achievements gained.

This intensive also included Ki Cultivation sessions, a Ki Shiatsu session and one session on Kotodama which was an exceptional experience for all.

The depth, variety and quality of training was clear and superb. There is no other training that matches the richness of quality that a Shin Sen Intensive creates. This is no idle statement as the teachings of Shin Sen cannot be found anywhere else. Shin Sen Dojo Sydney is also the premiere Aikido dojo in Australia and has trained more black belts than any other. And that is also quite an achievement considering the amount time, standard and precision one needs to acquire to become graded at such a level.

The beauty of training also is in the the way that no matter what level one is at – beginners and advanced train together according to the pace of each individual in a nurturing, supportive and non competitive environment. Therefore every person realizes deep and profound successes and breakthroughs that can only be achieved with such an harmonious atmosphere and spirit.

Congratulations go to Matthew Charleston for achieving 5th Dan Black belt level, Stewart Mead for achieving 2nd Kyu level and Gabriel Bourke for achieving his 3rd Kyu (hakama) level.

I highly recommend this training to anyone seeking a better way of life and expressing and realizing their true dreams – whatever they may be.

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