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Welcoming The Spring Seiki

September 29, 2019

Spring is upon us with its wonderful weather and energy. In the cyclic seasonal understanding, spring embodies the energy of tree which symbolises movement that rises and goes forward. The environmental Ki (energy) now strongly supports this motion of going forward positively.

In the deeper understanding of health and energy – there is the word Seiki (Jing in Chinese). Seiki is a bright, full, enthusiastic quality that comes out naturally when our health is strong. In oriental medicine, it relates to constitutional reserves that when nourished allow us to live a long, healthy full life.

However sometimes this energy becomes depleted and we may feel emotionally flat, lacking in motivation, tired and even depressed. In Ki energy practices either through breathing, meditation or energy practices we bring back and renew this energy, we return to this full, bright positive, state of being.

In Spring the Seiki is strong, particularly in the early mornings. Since ancient times, one practice is to simply catch the Ki of the rising Sun by getting up early. It has been said by rising with the Sun we can extend the length of our life.

There are natural rhythms in the seasons and one practice is to ride these like a wave. Then there becomes a more effortless quality to our day. In Aiki there is the word INORI which means ride the wave of Ki. The natural energy wave of the day begins with sun rise and then seasonally with spring. This is one of the aims of Aiki.

Coming up at the Dojo is the Spring Intensive. This is 5 early morning one hour practice over one week where we do light Ki and Aikido for one hour each day.  It runs from September 30th to October 4th 6.30am to 7.30am. Its aim is to catch the Seiki of Spring and set up a positive Ki for the coming year. This is open to everyone.

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