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There are no Accidents

November 6, 2014

6th November 2014

In Macrobiotic Aiki understanding everything happens for a reason. How to receive is the question or the challenge.

In Aiki we have the word ukemi – which literally translates as the way of receiving. Physically speaking, it is the art of falling – the beautiful rolls of Aikido – where one learns to protect oneself and turn the fall into a positive moving forward motion.

I recently had to use this in daily life when I tripped coming out of a shop – I flew through the air, down about 4 steps and did a somewhat clumsy forward roll on the concrete below.

Many stunned onlookers were stunned that this “grey-haired old guy” hadn’t seriously injured himself or at least broken a few bones. I just dusted myself off and kept moving on – somewhat grateful tht I had trained in the art of falling.

In the oriental medicinal philosophy of Shiatsu – we see all accidents as nature trying to move our energy to deeper harmony and balance. When someone who has trained in meridian and tsubo (pressure point) understanding hurts themselves, they immediately self diagnose – see which part they attracted the stimulation to.

If for example, they kicked their toe – which is where the liver meridian is, they may reflect to see if they have eaten too much sticky food (peanut butter) and if they’re attracted that to move that energy out of the liver.

Or since liver governs purpose and direction and seeking new levels of growth, they may reflect to see it as they have become too comfortable in expressing their direction. The universe (their deeper selves) is giving them a not so subtle prompt to get moving again.

If people don’t have this understanding it is difficult to read what really going on in their life and health.

One of the main purposes of Ki Shiatsu is to move the stagnation before the person attracts it in stronger forms from life. That is why Shiatsu is the art of compassion and healing.

In Aikido – all that we attract are seen as gifts, that we can ride to higher levels, provided we know the correct and clear way of receiving that gift. This is an ongoing practice.

We at Shin Sen are blessed to have such wonderful tools (I believe the best on the planet) that enrich our lives and keep us moving positively forward on a wonderful path.

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