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The Year of the Horse

January 30, 2014

30 January 2014

Greetings, I would like to extend positive and warm wishes to all members and friends of Shin Sen as we come into the New Year.

In Australia it is almost as if the New Year really commences after Australia Day – closer to the Chinese New Year. Last year was the Year of the Snake, the coming Year is the Horse.

We talked earlier about the Year of the Snake being the way of correction through intuition. Many people experienced a challenging year where changes occurred in their life based on a truer alignment.

As this happens, it is not always easy to receive the positive blessing of the experience. Often it is only in hindsight, after some time has passed, do we see how we were really being guided by the Universe even more deeply into our true direction.

The Year of the Horse offers the opportunity to go forward with these changes. Horse is a strong animal for motioning forward. The important thing in riding a horse is that horse and rider unify together and go in the same direction.

This is like the higher self and the smaller self not pulling in opposite directions. Correction through intuition means Centring and Feeling where life, our deeper self, really wants to go.

The Year of the Horse then means putting our whole being in a unified way and then going fully in that direction.

Amazing lives full of great health and happiness, deep love and intimacy, continuous prosperity and having the work we love and have been put on this planet to do are available to us all.

The trainings at Shin Sen are about supporting the ever-deepening individual free expression of your deepest and truest self. They also create the skills in navigating the various challenges and obstacles that life can put up to test that expression.

In the last 40 years I have been amazed at the breakthroughs that people practicing these universal principles have had in establishing wonderful lives. I would like to invite you to deepen your experience in this way and if anything is not working for you to come and see me personally.

Amazing lives are available to us all. Of course, we may need to tweak something here or there or deepen our practice in some way to keep all the aspects of our life developing and growing. However this deepening and renewing of our practice brings forth inspirational insights and breakthroughs that deeply nourish the continuance of our path in positivity and joy.

I look forward to reconnecting once again with you as we journey together on this upward spiral path of life.

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