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Suppleness Endures, Stiffness Breaks

March 6, 2016

The willow known for its pliability and suppleness was a model for an ancient school of Ju Jitsu. The founder of the school was watching how trees were dealing with snow during a blizzard. Many less flexible but strong tree branches were breaking from the strain of the weight of the snow on their branches.

The willow however would bend and bend under the weight of snow until it had almost reached the extreme point – almost touch the ground – then it would suddenly spring back projecting the snow through the air.

In life this is a valuable quality to cultivate. How to absorb and bend under the stress and pressure of life’s challenges and when it seems we are almost defeated – spring back, move freely once again to pursue our dreams and goals.

This is one of the principles that regular Aiki training develops – how to absorb, yield, flexibly bend and redirect forces of the life through suppleness and resilience.

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