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Shin Sen

  • Train your body, mind and spirit
  • Cultivate Ki Energy
  • Develop your full potential
  • Bring out the Master within
  • Create your deepest health, suppleness and relaxed power

First Class

Shin Sen

  • Free Person
  • Awakened Being

A leading and innovative training centre teaching Aikido, Ki Cultivation, Macrobiotics and Shiatsu, established in 1980.

Join the world renowned Sensei in his relaxed warm and friendly dojo to unify body, mind, spirit to freely express in daily life .

Shin Sen Dojo was founded in Sydney by Ken McLean Sensei in 1980 after deep research and training in various Aikido streams and Aiki arts such as Ki energy cultivation, Ki Shiatsu, Macrobiotics and Misogi.

The Dojo is a place where people can train their full potential in an atmosphere of enjoyment and focus – to support the full expression of themselves as human beings not just on the mat but in their whole lives. Holistic practices where one’s whole self is affected and the benefits overflow into all areas of life.

Shin Sen Practice & Principles

One of the key components to the practice of Shin Sen is that it is the freeing up of the body – the creation of deeper vitality, health, suppleness, flow and strength. In the Shin Sen way, as we get older our body gets younger, as the various Arts of Shin Sen are based on the deepest understanding of health and Ki.

The principle behind all the training is Aiki – meaning ‘harmonising energy’. Ken McLean Sensei has profoundly researched and trained in Aiki and Aikido for 40 years. Through his long, deep practice and experiences, he came upon the original stream of practices called Shin Sen Do. Although ancient, he found it to be more relevant than ever. Unique to Shin Sen is Ken’s natural ability to translate this teaching in a form which can be understood, absorbed and applied today.

One of the first victories of Aiki is called self-victory – bringing out the master within. This is the ability to perform at our highest with every challenge as an on-going practice. The second victory is called victory through being in harmony with our true path or destiny.

All the aiki trainings at Shin Sen have the effect of creating momentum and bringing out one’s deepest desire and passion, the work that one really wants to do, is meant to do and to make that a living reality.

Shin Sen Dojo is now moving into its fourth decade. From 1980 to 1989 it was located in Angel House, Sydney, then moved to Bondi Junction for three years, then Paddington until 2001 and now at its present location in Kensington.


The dojo is a large open space with tatami flooring. Tatami are the traditional mats made of rice straw that are used in temples and true dojos. Sensei inherited these mats from various elders in the way (Do or Tao). Tatami are great for the body and support true movement. Tests have found they emit negative ions into the atmosphere that make people feel good by releasing positive hormones. These ions are similar to ions released by the ocean and sand. When you go to the beach you naturally feel refreshed and problems diminish.

The Dojo with its deep inner ambience, naturally creates a calming effect on the nervous system supporting the development and unification of the mind, body and spirit.