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Seasons Greeting December 2014

December 1, 2014

Greetings to Shin Sen Friends and Family As we move into the festive season I would like personally to extend my best wishes for a joyful Christmas and a positive and happy new year to you and your families. The Aiki way is the way of harmonizing energy. The key component in harmony is the practice of Blending.

In oriental and macrobiotic medicine we have the 5 elements or energies which relate to the seasons, internal organs, meridians, emotions and much more. The summer is called fire and its expression is expanding, outward active energy. It is a great time for generosity as reflected by the practice of giving gifts at this time. It is also a positive time for physical activity and becoming more active. Returning to one’s personal fitness regime is in harmony with this time.

The organ associated with fire is the heart – which is ruled by the spirit. The positive emotion of heart is joy and humorous expression. Its higher or spiritual emotion is the intuitive comprehension of oneness and a deep sense of connection. So at this time – to harmonise and blend with this fire energy of summer – we can joyfully celebrate our connectedness with our family, friends, nature and life itself.

The negative expression of fire is dispersion. Its emotion is over excitement leading to exhaustion and heaviness. This of course can come about through over reliance on alcohol and over consuming of heavy foods at this time. Light eating and moderate drinking allows a more centered quality where we use our Ki – independent of external reliance.

This leaves us feeling light, so that we can joyfully and smoothly move into the coming phase which is called earth or soil energy in oriental energetic understanding. Let us joyfully celebrate the spirit of oneness at this time and give generously as life continuously gives to us. Yours in Love, light and laughter Ken McLean Sensei Sensei of Shin Sen Dojo

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