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Riding the Cycle of Life

April 16, 2018

We have just recently experienced Easter which is a nice break for most. In the Christian tradition it is the acknowledgement of the crucifixion of Jesus – on Good Friday and his resurrection as Christ on Easter Sunday (rising from the dead).

Another interpretation is the Sun (Son) always rises in the east after the dark night. In other words, death symbolises the lowest point in a natural cycle and after every low point, the cycle changes and begins to rise to the high point once again.

Like the recent cricket players who were found cheating and now feel incredibly shamed and destroyed, the lowest point in their cycle that they could feel. However in a year or so the cycle will change and begin to rise. This very low point they are experiencing can only add more substance and character to who they are, should they choose to receive and utilise this experience fully.

This is one of the meanings of the Aikido word – ukemi – to choose to receive all experiences positively and turn a falling downward movement into an upward rising motion into greater success.

In Aikido we learn to enjoy the falling Arc of the downward cycle. In modern society with so much emphasis on the high point, for example success and forward development at all cost. This then can also bring with it the opposite feelings of anxiety, fear of failure and depression, to name a few emotions that occur when the upward motion of life turns to the downward arc.

In Aikido we learn the art of falling (ukemi). We dissolve anxiety and fear and utilise the downward motion to rise again more positively. We can then use the downward motion to create greater momentum to go forward to higher levels in our expression of who we are. Thus we can enjoy and receive all of life’s experiences in a relaxed and positive way. This creates sustainability and resilience. Key components in living a long and healthy life. Perhaps this is one of the somewhat forgotten teachings in the Christian story of Easter.

“To turn the fear of falling into the joy of flying.”

Written by Ken McLean

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