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Returning to Center through Food

January 19, 2015

When we are feeling not so good, perhaps sluggish, maybe emotionally flat or the flow in our life is not happening, we do have a choice. We can come back to Center.

Like when the radio is off the dial and we receive all the static that is uncomfortable to the ear. Then when we move the dial to the station and the static disappears, and the clear beautiful sound of a song comes through. So too when we return to a few days of Centering food, the feelings in our body/mind change to the positive.

Food is the physical reality. It brings reality into our body. We say Aiki is bodily realization of oneness – not just a concept. The central organ in our body is the small intestines. It is the main organ for creating new blood and absorbing whole grains. It is also the organ directly related to the Hara (center of deep self). To fully involve the Hara is to eat whole grains e.g. brown rice. It’s amazing how a few days of eating whole grain and vegetables and eliminating all other foods except for maybe bancha, gomashio and miso can transform how we feel physically, emotionally and mentally.

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