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New Directions

February 5, 2014

5th February 2014 So the Chinese new year is now upon us and the Horse is out of the stable so to speak. The adventure of harnessing this influence and manifesting a more satisfying and happy life is now upon us…and my intention is to support you in bring that forward in a new and more tangible way.

I have had a few questions from students about the coming year changes that we have embarked upon within course structures and felt it would be useful to send out an email to update the greater group. Since we get so many enquires each year about shorter Macro and Shiatsu trainings, we have decided to offer the terms as 10 week self-contained blocks, allow much more flexibility for those who can’t commit to the yearlong diploma trainings, while still being structured to allow those who are in deep study to get qualified and recognised as a Practitioner.

It will also give tangible complete life changing influence for those looking for personal development and healing. To help with the evolving nature of the courses we have created 2 new sites solely focused on the particular themes of Macrobiotics and Shiatsu respectively… These are & Both sites are live now, however both are a work in progress and will grow and change based upon the needs of you the student.

At the moment they have some basic content but soon enough they will have exercises, recipes, and articles on various subjects. Our desire this year is to support the out of the Dojo experience of you the student and to assist you in realising the grander life that we all seek. There will be more emails and communications as well as online events such as webinars and telephone trainings. It’s an exciting time in the Evolution of the Dojo and your support and engagement is truly appreciated and we look forward to seeing how these changes empower each and every one of you.

In the madness that is living the modern life we rarely stop to feel within and ask..’What is it that I want’? And in ending here today, I invite you to stop for a few minutes, let everything stop and find your centre as best as you can and ask from your deepest self…’What is it that I want’?….and sit with that. Then if you feel it appropriate, it would be wonderful to hear from each of you on your answer.

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