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  • Connect to deep Nature
  • Rejuvenate entire self
  • Experience fresh inspiration
  • Enjoy a new level of calm

First Class


Type: Classes
Level: General

Misogi means purification. From time to time it is good to cleanse oneself of any negativity or mental or physical stagnation. All Aiki practices are a type of Misogi. However a special type of Misogi is to go into deep nature (Shizen) and chant or meditate under waterfalls. Obviously this is an optional practice but a wonderful experience of purification, renewal and rejuvenation.

Participants at Shen Sen Dojo travel together to special places in the Blue Mountains and walk into the deep valley. There they do special preparatory exercises and then stand or sit together in the pools or under the waterfalls. This is deeply centring and awakens one’s deep life force.

Often afterwards they will go to the local coffee shop and share their experience together . Misogi is great for health and strengthens one’s natural immunity. It also refreshes our senses through deep contact with the beauty of nature.