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Macrobiotic Training and Health Counselling Course

  • Improve your happiness
  • Live life to the very fullest
  • Create optimal health in your life
  • Develop excellent skills in healing and counselling
  • Move forward personally and professionally

First Class

The Macrobiotic Holistic Health Counselling Diploma

Macrobiotics combines ancient and modern understandings of health, healing and longevity to help us understand the universal order and how this order manifests through the various expressions of human life.

Macrobiotics combines the universal principles of lifestyle, health, diet and environment in order to bring long-lasting health and rejuvenation.

Essentially, it is about balancing all of these lifestyle elements in the healthiest way possible in order to live the best life possible.

Macrobiotics has evolved into a new, more precise form called Aiki Macrobiotics.

Aiki involves blending energy, and this treatment recognises everyone’s individuality and creates a unique approach accordingly for every person and situation. It revolves around the understanding that all food contains a unique energy outside of the nutrition it provides to our bodies.

Every food is a manifestation of Yin and Yang energy and Aiki Macrobiotics is about eating in a way which finds the right balance between these energies. Not only does it bring out the deepest levels of health, it also can bring about incredible changes in one’s work life and home life. A deep understanding of Yin and Yang energy and Ki are vital for finding each person’s ideal treatment path.

Though it was originally developed in the East, the form of Macrobiotics found and practised in Australia today has been integrated with scientific research, psychology, philosophy, and medicine.

At Shin Sen Dojo, we bring you a complete training package that focuses on both a comprehensive dietary regimen and a holistic plan for the prevention and treatment of disease.

What is a Macrobiotic Diet?

George Ohsawa, a philosopher and health practitioner from Japan developed and reframed what we call Macrobiotics, today.

He believed that the quality of what we eat determines the quality of what we experience not only in our body but also all areas of life.

However the word Macrobiotics can be traced back to Ancient Greece where Hipprocates, the Father of modern western medicine used the word to describe the way of health and longevity. Macrobiotics is about balance. Not only what we eat but also all aspects of your lifestyle including exercise, work, rest, meditation and expression.

In Australia Ken McLean has been the main proponent and teacher of Macrobiotics for over 40 years. He has helped guide many thousands of people to actualise greater health, happiness and success through his consultations and training programmes.
A Macrobiotic approach has the principle of balance as its core tenet not only in what we eat but throughout all areas of Life.

This principle of balance is applied through the understanding of Yin and Yang. When Yin and Yang are in balance, the natural result is health, vitality and clarity of mind.
If one eats too much Yin food – which in excess is an expanding weakening force, then you will manifest Yin symptoms which on a physical level would be tiredness, low energy and a loss of strength, emotionally it would express as self doubt, indecisive, lack of inspiration to name a few.

On the other hand if your way of eating is too Yang, physically this will manifest as stiffness and tension and emotionally as anger, frustration, forcefulness and so on.
When Yin and Yang are harmonised, our blood and all the systems of the body are balanced leading to ever deepening health, vitality, suppleness and strength. Emotionally you feel calm joy, humour and clarity of thinking.
Apart from the principle of balance, Macrobiotics promotes the use of locally grown foods that are organic and in season.

Beginning a macrobiotic eating plan is complicated and can take a long time to get used to.

For this reason, qualified consultants in macrobiotic health are highly sought after by those wishing to reintroduce a natural and balanced approach to their diet and lifestyle. At Sin Shen Dojo, you will be given the best education available.

As well as eating macrobiotic food, our expertly guided plans come with lifestyle recommendations.

While it is very effective for losing weight, the purpose of macrobiotics is about bringing out the most enhanced self. Macrobiotics is about living your greatest life full of joy, adventure, deep health through being supported by forces in your environment (Ki).

Become a macrobiotic counsellor at Shin Sen Dojo

At Shin Sen Dojo, we offer a Diploma in Macrobiotics to help you on your journey to becoming a holistic macrobiotics counsellor and educator.

The diploma course is a comprehensive and holistic course that covers the macrobiotic principles that apply to all areas of life, as well as teaching the art of guiding others. It is an essential course for those wanting to have a successful career in natural and holistic health.

More than a nutritional course, the macrobiotics counselling course covers all aspects of counseling including relationship and lifestyle.

If you’re interested in broadening your knowledge on all aspects of health and natural healing, this is an essential course.

Workshops, Certificate and Diploma Courses are run throughout the year.

New course will start later later in 2024.

Please inquire with Sensei for further details or express your interest.

What you’ll learn

The course is a comprehensive training in all aspects of macrobiotics and is essential for those wishing to develop in natural healing and guiding others.

The course covers many important nutritional aspects including:

✓ Basic to advanced visual diagnosis, allowing you to evaluate people’s health, character and destiny instantly
✓ How to heal disease in order to guarantee long-lasting health
✓ The various functions and relationships of the body, mind, emotions and Ki (energy)
✓ Food as a medicine; making medicinal drinks and external remedies
✓ The profound art of counselling and Aiki (harmonising energy) communication skills
✓ Macrobiotic pregnancy, child care and health as it applies to the various stages of life
✓ Relationships between men, women and families
✓ Death; dying and the spiritual dimension
✓ Kotodama and affirmations; the power of the spoken word
✓ The order of the universe (otherwise known as Tao)

Length of study

The diploma runs for 40 weeks, across four 10-week terms. Classes are run on Tuesday evenings

Please call the Dojo on 0414614169 for more information on intake and pricing to get started.

Tuition fees

The 40-week course costs $3650, although discounts are potentially available for existing members of the Dojo or those who prefer to pay upfront.

Individual consultations are offered and include a traditional health assessment, specific diagnosis, dietary advice and daily life suggestions.

Talk to us now for more information on how we can help you achieve your own personal health and well-being goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A macrobiotic diet provides all of the vitamins, minerals and protein you need from elements such as beans, miso, fish and tofu. Though it is always recommended to check with your health practitioner before commencing such an important lifestyle change, there is ample evidence to suggest that a macrobiotic diet is healthier for your body than many ‘standard’ diets.

  • The course will provide you with the skills you need to begin your journey as a counsellor. For more information on where this might take you, get in touch to discuss the benefits of completing the diploma.

  • The price is $3650 for the entire 40-week course, which is delivered in 10-week terms.

    Discounts may be available when paid upfront or if you are already attending the Dojo.

  • Contact us today by calling 02 9387 5840 to find out more about our courses and to book your place.

  • Every session is taught at our Kensington Dojo, which you can find at:

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  • We are the best, most inclusive and innovative Dojo in Kensington. We are the leading training centre in the area and use a variety of modern and traditional techniques to share our expert knowledge of macrobiotics, as well as Ki cultivation, Shiatsu, Aikido and more. We teach you skills which you can take with you and practise in your daily life.

    We have been delivering expert teaching since 1980, instilling valuable knowledge in a wide range of members – including men, women, teens and children. You leave our course confident in your ability to better manage all aspects of your personal and professional life, thanks to lessons from the best instructors in Sydney.