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Ki Shiatsu Courses

  • Learn this unique hands on healing
  • Find inner harmony and peace
  • Develop a career in healing
  • Improve and heal the body, mind and spirit
  • Understand oriental philosophy and medicine

First Class

What is Ki Shiatsu?

The Ki Shiatsu offered at the Shin Sen Dojo is unlike any other.

Sensei Ken McLean is the main pioneer of Ki Shiatsu, and the art form as we know it today has developed largely thanks to his extensive research. It has evolved through the integration of Aikido, Shiatsu, palm healing (also known as reiki) and Ki energy cultivation.

This unique, hands-on healing art is deeply powerful, harmonising the body’s Ki energy in order to promote well-being.

It requires a thorough understanding of oriental philosophy and medicine, as well as the workings of Ki energy. The health of the body, spirit and mind are deeply improved through gentle yet firm hands-on pressure.

This treatment revitalises and rebalances the body’s internal energy.

Pressure points are targeted in order to make contact with and alter deep energetic connections within the body. This can alter physical processes, therefore potentially healing a variety of illnesses.

Each treatment lasts around an hour, after which the body feels completely harmonised. Regular treatments are key to maximising happiness, health, tranquillity and well-being and creating a completely innovative understanding of the self.

Does Ki Shiatsu work?

Centuries of training and development have gone into the modern success of Shiatsu.

The traditional techniques which have been around for centuries have been gradually developed to suit the needs of a modern clientele, leading it to be a successful way to rejuvenate, heal and harmonise your body. It is commonly explored through methods including Shiatsu massage and therapy.

Shiatsu technique, used in Ki Shiatsu, involves using the whole hand, as well as the feet and elbows, to stimule the body’s meridian points (areas where the Ki energy lines are strongest), adjusting the pressure and points to suit the patient’s requirements or requests.

Contrary to popular belief, Shiatsu is not just beneficial for those who are ill. Though it is proven to benefit those suffering from a range of short-term and chronic illnesses, it brings relaxation and serenity even to those who are in good health. It also enhances clarity of mind and stimulates calm inspiration.

What is involved with Ki Shiatsu therapy?

Originating from Japan, Shiatsu therapy is a therapy that utilises the whole hand and fingers, especially the thumbs, to massage specific points of the body.

Even though it is sometimes called a Shiatsu massage, it is actually energy therapy that balances the pathways through the body to help balance and restore Ki. If you’re wondering ‘what are some energy healing techniques?’, Shiatsu is a prime example.

Shiatsu therapy has been linked to helping a number of physical ailments, as well as restoring energy flows. This includes helping people with:

– Relaxation
– Constipation
– Muscle aches
– Migraines
– Digestive problems
– Anxiety
– Heart Disease
– Reproductive Disorder
– Arthritis
– Emotional issues
– And countless others

Shiatsu side effects are negligible aside from a little soreness, much like a regular massage. If you feel tender during your therapy, simply let us know. While a small amount of pain is sometimes necessary, you should never feel uncomfortable during the sessions. Regular treatments are the most beneficial in gaining long-lasting results.

Shiatsu therapy is a lighter form of acupressure, and both are forms of body therapy that involve stretching and stimulating to help restore energy. When comparing Shiatsu vs acupressure, those who prefer a lighter, more gentle yet equally effective treatment should definitely consider Shiatsu.

How to become a Ki Shiatsu healthcare professional

Sensei Ken McLean has helped thousands of people to rediscover their bodily, and spiritual, health and well-being for over 44 years by teaching them this hands-on Shiatsu approach.

His training sessions have allowed many people to become professional practitioners by learning how to deliver effective Shiatsu therapy, many of whom have opened their own Ki Shiatsu practice and been able to earn a living from conducting the treatment.

The diploma training course is an ideal way to develop your healing abilities, start helping others and bring joy and fulfilment to your patients and to yourself. Contact us today to find out when the next intake begins.

Benefits of studying at Shin Sen Dojo

✔ After more than 44 years’ experience, Sensei Ken McLean is still amazed by how Ki Shiatsu is able to restore and transform people’s lives. By studying at Shin Sen Dojo in the qualified hands of Sensei Ken, you will gain from his extensive Ki training experience – he is able to identify and awaken anybody’s essential life force, which is the only way to attain absolute health.

✔ You’ll learn how to balance and combine Shiatsu and reflexology as well as Shiatsu and acupressure. There are countless benefits, and many experts have even discovered links between Shiatsu and cancer – this therapy can help to alleviate some of the symptoms of cancer sufferers, bringing them comfort, relaxation and the activation of their bodies healing power.

✔ When it comes to Shiatsu and pregnancy, there are absolutely no concerns. The treatment is still perfectly suitable for pregnant women, and many practitioners even specialise in maternity Shiatsu. Shiatsu is also a very versatile healing art, so if the patient is unable to lay down straight on the floor, the therapy can be given while they sit in a chair or even lay on a bed.

What you’ll learn during your Ki Shiatsu diploma

Whether you’re looking for a career change or are interested in increasing your skills, thanks to Sensei Ken McLean’s expertise you will learn the best practice in Shiatsu treatment, preparing you for your future.

The course outline includes:

– The art of giving Shiatsu treatment
– Philosophy of oriental medicine
– The basic, intermediate and advanced forms of Shiatsu
– Visual and touch diagnosis for instant health and character evaluation
– Special techniques for activating Ki flow
– Macrobiotic nutrition and medicinal food
– Knowing the tsubo points and meridians of the body
– Profound function of energy, mind, body and emotion
– The Tao of healing

Length of study

The diploma runs for 40 weeks, across four 10-week terms. Classes run on Saturday afternoons in one-hour tuition sessions.

The 2024 Term 1 sessions will take place every 2nd Tuesday starting from 2nd February 2024 6.30pm to 8.45pm.

Career prospects

Sensei Ken’s previous students have gone on to open their own practices, make a living from Ki Shiatsu and make a real difference to their patients’ lives, thanks to his expert guidance and wealth of knowledge.

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Please call the Dojo on 02 9387 5840 for more information on intake and pricing. Alternatively, download our brochure to find out more!

Looking for a new way to heal?

We also provide Ki Shiatsu treatments.

Led by Sensei Ken McLean, these personalised treatments are one hour in length, and the treatment is done through cotton clothing on a Japanese futon (a traditional mattress).

It is a highly pleasant experience which awakens the deepest energy of the body, allowing the body to heal and allowing you to express yourself effectively and fully.

Some of Shiatsus numerous benefits include its ability to heal diseases, melt away tension and alleviate pain, and its relaxing, rejuvenating effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the course?

The 40-week course costs $3650. If you pay upfront or are already a member of another class at the Dojo, you may be eligible for a discount. For information on fees and payment options, please contact the Dojo on 02 9387 5840.

Who can apply?

We welcome absolutely everyone to the Shin Sen Dojo – women, men, children and teens. Contact us to find out more about our classes and learn how to apply and start studying with us.

Where does the study take place?

Every one of our sessions for the diploma takes place at our Kensington Dojo. Our address is:

59A Boronia St, Kensington NSW 2033, Australia

Why choose us?

Ever since we opened in 1980, Shin Sen Dojo have been offering innovative and leading training for a wide range of practices including Shiatsu, Aikido and Ki cultivation. During the diploma, our members learn unmatched skills from experts in the field.

Many of them have gone on to open their own practices and shape others’ lives, building a career from the knowledge they gained here. Our Kensington-based Dojo is the leading training centre in Sydney.