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Ki Energy Training and Cultivation

  • Unifying your mind, body and spirit
  • Cultivating your life force
  • Experience deep calm and confidence
  • Increase effectiveness in daily life
  • Meet like minded friends
  • Classes for beginners to advanced

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What is Ki energy?

Ki energy is in everything around us, including nature and our own bodies – Ki energy powers life itself.

Ki is a spiritual force which is expressed through the mind and body.

It gives us inner strength and expresses itself through our bodies and allows us to experience deep health as well as calmness and vitality.

It typically is associated with a unique capability to positively influence events, and people – to unleash and amplify the levels of calmness, joy and harmony present in any given situation.

This energy goes by many names. In Japan, it is referred to as ‘Ki’ and has become well known through the practice of Aikido. In China, it is referred to as ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’ and in Sanskrit, it is known as ‘Prana’. In Polynesian culture – Mana.

While cultures around the world have their own names and translations, everyone accepts that Ki is the vital force that forms part of any living entity. We share it with everything in the universe.

Let us share it with you.

Is Ki real?

Just like feelings of joy or sorrow are undeniably real despite our inability to see it, Ki is the real force that flows through us all.

The first step of Ki cultivation is simply believing that the energy is real. Learning to understand and harness the power of Ki is essential in finding a balance in life.

This can be achieved through various methods including

– Ki energy exercises
– Ki energy training
– Ki energy meditation
– Ki breathing

Similar to mindfulness techniques, these typically focus on being aware of your own body, thoughts and the environment around you, tuning out distractions and looking inwards.

Each method provides individuals with important skills and training which help them to build and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

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We also offer Macrobiotics Health Counselling, Ki Shiatsu diplomas, Bokken and Jo (sword and staff) training, and corporate Aikido training.

The benefits of cultivating Ki

There are many benefits to cultivating Ki, above and beyond just feeling good. When you learn to cultivate Ki energy:

✓ Your body, mind and spirit will be unified
✓ You will learn to meditate more impactfully
✓ You will feel deeply still and calm
✓ Your body will feel rejuvenated
✓ All of your body’s different energies will feel balanced and harmonised

Once these changes are felt, you will find it much easier to live a full, harmonious life.

Ki may also be harnessed in the form of Ki Shiatsu treatment in the form of a powerful hands on healing art to promote your own total wellbeing.

Self-understanding allows us to listen to our bodies, identifying anything that feels wrong, unbalanced or unsettled much more easily and thus finding a solution much more quickly.

What can our Ki do for us?

✔ By embracing Ki energy cultivation and learning how to reach this sense of balance from our expert practitioners at Shin Sen Dojo, you can become a much more reflective person, at harmony with your own thoughts, feelings and body.

✔ This can help with a wide variety of applications in our daily lives. When you begin to feel stressed, exhausted, irritated, ill or otherwise not quite yourself, Ki energy cultivation equips you with the techniques you need to rectify the situation.

✔ Some of the Ki energy treatments we emphasise at Shin Sen Dojo focus on realigning our posture and thoughts in order to grasp our Ki power much more strongly.

✔ We create and nurture a state of collected inner strength which is known as ‘Musubi’. People with Musubi are more sensitive to and aware of everything happening around and within them, and so have a greater sense of control over various situations.

✔ This is incredibly important in our hectic modern world where it is so easy to feel helpless in the face of all the tasks and responsibilities loaded on us. Ki cultivation allows us to access a store of inner strength, no matter where we are or what we’re up against.

How to cultivate Ki energy

Aiki yoga

This involves improving your health and flexibility and the flow of Ki energy by completing a range of exercises designed to tone your body and improve suppleness.

Ki development

Grounding, centring, the development of Hara (one’s core centre) and Ki extension work together in order to unify the body and mind.

Kokyu Ho

It is well known that deep breathing brings energy back to the body and stimulates blood flow. In Kokyu Ho, one is taught a variety of breathing exercises for a form of purification known as Misogi and activating our deep life power.

Ki meditation

This form of meditation allows you to unshakably connect with your inner source. You will feel completely calm and your internal energy will be entirely rejuvenated.

Aiki Taiso

Quite similar to Tai Chi or yoga, these conditioning exercises help you to develop your Ki and take the unified Ki state (musubi) into movement and daily life.

Shin Ki

This is a flowing slow motion set of movements. It can be done as moving meditation and Ki development and also has self defence application.

Can you really control your Ki and do Aikido at the same time?

Aikido has Ki at the very heart of its name.

To do Aikido well and extend out to others understanding Ki is absolutely vital.

By controlling our Ki, we understand that an attack it is not about overpowering another, but more about understanding our own selves and our relationship to each other.

Ki is a soft, gentle and powerful control of movement that guides us to acts effectively. Ki leads us, and our body follows.

Can any person harness their Ki energy?

Developing your Ki takes time and patience. While anyone can cultivate their Ki, it requires dedication and personal understanding to really master.

Although Ki energy can enter or leave us from any part of our bodies, it is most powerful in the centre of our torsos just under the navel, a part of the body called Hara.

As well as being the area from which all Ki flows, the Hara is where our balance comes from. Therefore, a key part of harnessing Ki energy is understanding the relationship between the Hara and one’s actions and movements.

Want to learn more? View our 10-Week Cultivation Course brochure now!

Can anyone really master Ki? Absolutely!

No matter what skill level you are, there is always more to learn about Ki.

For this reason we offer a 10-week course to help you find your Ki and set you up with the skills to begin your own journey.

Those who would like more personalised training are more than welcome to attend one-on-one sessions, benefitting from Sensei Ken McLean 44 years’ experience.

By attending these sessions, you will absorb the Ki principles at a deeper level with immediate benefits.

Sensei Ken has the special skill of being able to immediately discern the area of practice that will benefit you the most. Expect to experience physical, mental and spiritual breakthroughs and completely revolutionise how you manage your daily life.

Call us now on 0414614169 to find out more on how you can join.

Ki Cultivation is a 10 weekly course. The classes continue throughout the year in 4 terms of 10 weeks each. The Wednesday classes are at 6.30am to 7.30am and Saturday classes at 9.00am to 10.15am. All welcome

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our pricing is very competitive and we offer some of the best value for money of any Dojo in Sydney. Depending on your ability level prices will vary slightly, and you may get a discount for paying in advance as opposed to every term.

    To discover the best way to harness your Ki, contact us to talk about the right sessions for you.

  • Harnessing your Ki is a lifelong process, however, we offer a 10-week course that will help you begin your journey in your own time. This is great for beginners who are learning about Ki for the first time or anyone who might need a refresher if it’s been a while since they’ve felt like they’ve truly cultivated their Ki.

  • The total number of lessons you decide to take ultimately depends on what you want to achieve, and how much you wish to learn. Our lessons are available for all ages and skill levels, so if you book one full term and end up loving the course, there’s no reason to stop attending, developing and learning. You can simply book another term with us, and Sensei Ken will adjust your teaching to suit you as you advance.

  • Everyone is able to harness their Ki energy, but for some, the classroom atmosphere might not be the right fit. For this reason, we offer your first session to you for free, so you can give Ki classes a go and decide whether you want to book the full course.

  • The Shin Sen Dojo is welcoming and accepting of all. Our training is available for children and teens as well as adults, while we also offer specific classes for women. Contact us to discover our availability and find the right class to suit your needs.

  • View our timetable online now or call us today on 0414614169 to find out more on how you can join us. We also offer private sessions, so if you are serious about cultivating your Ki, get in touch and we can find a time that suits you.

  • Sensei Ken McLean and the rest of the team at Shin Sen Dojo have over 44 years’ training in Ki cultivation and other martial arts-based techniques and practices.

    As Sydney’s leading training centre, we ensure to continually develop and improve our teaching methods and make our classes available to all.

    Whether you’re a man or woman, adult or child, have mastered the basics or are a complete novice, we can guide you on your path to cultivating your Ki power and specialise in delivering a completely individualised service.

    If you’re in Kensington or the surrounds, Shin Sen Dojo is the right place to begin your journey to a more unified and harmonised self.