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How do you ride the wave of life?

May 28, 2014

28 May 2014

Life is a wave motion; the day begins with the sun rise and peaks at midday before it begins its descent to sunset. When we activate our Ki (life force) by joining the wave motion and rising with the sun, we find an easier flow in our life.

Aiki is the joining with this flow of life in all its various expressions. Sometimes we are behind the timing and it feels like we are playing catch up. It is a good experience to feel this. At other times, we can be ahead, we feel as though we are pushing things and then frustration arises.

Then, at other times, it all comes together with the timing and motion of the energy in our environment. Things flow more easily and we feel supported by Ki. The purpose of Aiki trainings is to increase the experience of the latter.

There is the wave motion of the day; there is the wave motion of the week. For most, the week commences on Monday. Those who do the early morning Sword and Staff practice at 6.30am on Monday mornings often express how it sets up their energy for the week. To catch the Ki at the beginning of the week, our energy has to be positive early.

Like catching a wave in the surf, we need to be slightly more positive than the wave itself to catch it’s rhythm and momentum.

On the June long weekend (7th, 8th and 9th), we have the Winter Aiki Keiko. Keiko means training or practice. Its deeper meaning is aligning with the mind of the ancients – so practice is alignment with the eternal wisdom of the true ancient way that is forever renewing itself through practice.

The aim of the Winter Keiko is to deepen our Aiki practices. Also to ride the wave of seasonal Ki that extends from Summer Solstice through to Autumn Equinox, through to Winter Solstice and so on. For those who haven’t done any of the winter Intensives, I invite you to experience some or all of it.

You can do the morning sessions or afternoon sessions, or simply do the one hour of Ki in the morning. If you would like to have a deep rejuvenation and inspirational experience, you could challenge yourself and do the whole weekend.

Aiki training is to ride the wave of Ki (Inori) of our life and find the effortless quality devoid of strain and struggle that allows us to effectively realize our full potential in all areas of our life.

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