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Harmony is Success

  • Express the flow state in daily life
  • Greater self expression
  • Power, effectiveness, calmness
  • Fulfilling relationships

First Class

Harmony Is Success

  • Flow State
  • Oneness of mind and body
  • Develop life energy (Ki)
  • Have great relationships

This book is the culmination of many experiences, practices and studies undertaken over the course of my life. For over forty years now I have devoted my life to researching the principles of harmony. I have been particularly interested in what is called in Ki training – the unified Ki state, or in modern western language – “Flow state” or “being in the zone”.

When people have achieved a certain level of mastery and artistry in their chosen expression they will often fall into this state and achieve an effortless flow in what they do. Whether it’s a great surfer on a wave, an artist creating a painting, or a business person doing a deal, there are times they experience this flow or oneness that is deeply nourishing and inspirational to them but moves others around them also. I am sure you, the reader, have also at times experienced this state, whether by doing something that you love, through meditation or some other activity that you do.

I have personally experienced this state in many areas of my life and my research has been about how to bring this state out into everyday life. I have experienced this state through Aikido, my healing practice in Ki Shiatsu, surfing and at other times. However the main purpose of my research has been how to bring this state out in every day life and it not being limited to particular circumstances. I believe it can also be effectively practiced in communication which, to me, is the highest art.

This is the purpose and the art of living; that this oneness or flow state can be practiced and created anywhere and at any time to turn the everyday ordinary experience into the extraordinary. This is the real meaning of living life to the fullest and the true and most effective way of creating world peace and having human beings living together as one world family.

For any way to be practical or followed it must be based on truth and how the Universe works. The Universe itself is a complete, holistic, integrated, multidimensional entity – as we as human beings are also. The microcosm of the macrocosm.

A true way is reflected everywhere, and is expressed at all levels and at all times.

Harmony is Success is a book that practically brings together the principles of how to live a fully expressed life.