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For any information regarding training, courses, seminars, workshops, certificate and diploma as well as personal consultation, please contact Sensei McLean.

Shin Sen Dojo

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Address: 59A Boronia St, Kensington NSW 2033, Australia

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Your first session is free, so why not come and give it a try? You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain. Through decades of experience, we will guide you in exactly what is right for you. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you might have before getting started.

    • The Shin Sen Dojo is welcoming and accepting of all. We offer classes for children, adults and teens as well as training for women. Contact us to find out more about what class best suits your needs.

    • Our timetable is available online and updated regularly, so have a browse through to see when different classes are offered. With classes offered in the morning, evening and all through the week, there’s bound to be something that can suit your lifestyle.

    • For your first session, bring loose fitting and comfortable clothes to exercise in and a water bottle. As you progress, you might find particular items will help you, but that can be discussed with your Sensei as needed.

    • Whether you are an adult or a child, or looking for enjoyment, fitness, or self-defence, Aikido has much to offer.

      You don’t have to be in perfect shape or an experienced athlete, and you won’t be trying to break bricks or wooden boards.

      As a modern, non-aggressive Japanese martial art, Aikido is more than the resolution of physical conflict.

      It is one aspect of spiritual growth and is the perfect place for a beginner to learn about their mind, body and spirit.

    • A macrobiotic diet provides all of the vitamins, minerals and protein you need from elements such as beans, miso, fish and tofu. Though it is always recommended to check with your health practitioner before commencing such an important lifestyle change, there is ample evidence to suggest that a macrobiotic diet is healthier for your body than many ‘standard’ diets.

    • Harnessing your Ki is a lifelong process, however, we offer a 10-week course that will help you begin your journey in your own time. This is great for beginners who are learning about Ki for the first time or anyone who might need a refresher if it’s been a while since they’ve felt like they’ve truly cultivated their Ki.

    • Ever since we opened in 1980, Shin Sen Dojo have been offering innovative and leading training for a wide range of practices including Shiatsu, Aikido and Ki cultivation. During our courses and classes, our members learn unmatched skills from experts in the field.

      Many of our students have gone on to open their own practices and shape others’ lives, building a career from the knowledge they gained here. Our Kensington-based Dojo is the leading training centre in Sydney.