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Corporate Training Courses

  • Higher levels of performance
  • Enhanced team dynamics
  • Less stress, greater effectiveness
  • Centered leadership

First Class

Corporate Training

Using the principles of Aiki and his vast experience Ken McLean develops programmes which are targeted specifically for your organisation and its business challenges. His programmes are designed for the individual employees and executives. As all business situations are different the training programmes are customized for your business goals and objectives.

Hi method of training is inspirational and encourages the development of leadership skills in individuals at all levels of their organisation. His training is effective as it is filled with exercises and examples. He encourages the participants to express and communicate their learnings and this articulation in itself is a learning process.

An example of a module he created is Effortless Effectiveness. Here participants learned;

  • Centering and Mind Body Unification – How to control emotional, physical and mental harmony in intense situations.
  • How to choose the most appropriate response that opens up flow in interaction.
  • How to increase levels of effectiveness whilst increasing relaxation and wellbeing.
  • Centered listening – How to identify the key points and issues that when opened up, create group synergy and increase in forward momentum towards goals.
  • The powerful principles of Aiki communication that lead to commonality of vision, team flow and co-creativity.
  • How to turn stress, resistance and obstacles into positive allies towards realising one’s goals.
  • How to confidently and powerfully express one’s self whilst opening up resistance and creating group harmony.
  • How the practice of the above lead to deeper health and wellbeing.

Other modules run by Ken include:

  • Effective Communication
  • Centered Leadership – changing your perspective to achieve business success
  • Leadership training for Women using Aiki principles
  • Being an effective coach
  • Health and Wellbeing lunch time seminars for busy professionals
  • Food as Medicine – important principles of food for good health
  • Rest and Relaxation – using Aiki principles
  • Ki-Cultivation in the office

Seminars can be run in your office or in the Kensington Dojo depending on the content of the seminar and the number of participants.