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Can Aikido Improve Your Mental Health?

August 25, 2019

What is the connection between aikido and mental health?

When many of us think of martial arts, we see it as an after-school activity for kids. However, there is so much more to the traditional art of aikido than meets the eye. As aikido is the pursuit of self-perfection, regular practice will dramatically improve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Here are some of the key mental health benefits you will experience by practicing aikido.


Complete relaxation

Aikido considers the mind and body as a single entity. Therefore, the wellbeing of one directly impacts the other. As such, the physical relaxation learned in aikido instantly becomes mental relaxation.

And, as your physical resilience and confidence grows, so will your mental endurance and strength. This will give you the psychological confidence to face any situation.


Breaking bad habits

Aikido training encourages students to face unpleasant situations head on, rather than run away from them. This extends to bad habits, like overeating, drinking, smoking or even spending too much time online.

As you learn to face every situation in a proactive, constructive manner, destructive patterns of fear and avoidance are broken. This, in turn, ensures bad habits which have been holding you back are forever left behind.


Poor reactions are recognised and eliminated

Oftentimes, we react rashly to unpleasant situations and feelings, instead of responding rationally. Aikido training helps you to identify and deconstruct these defensive reactions. Aikido shows you how to control these “default” emotions and respond according to the circumstances.

Over time, you will transform into a new person, who is brave, humble, flexible and physically and mentally strong.



One of the most valuable skills aikido gives you is a non-judgemental sense of awareness of your thoughts, feelings and what is happening around you. Mindfulness helps you to concentrate fully on the present moment.

This leads to improved mental and physical health, reduced stress, better decision making, a healthier immune system and more fulfilling relationships.

As a key component of aikido, mindfulness gives you greater mental clarity and improved focus.


To experience the psychological benefits of aikido for yourself, simply call or email our expert team today.

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