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Brown Rice Tai Chi

February 23, 2016

We often describe the Ki Training at Shin Sen Dojo as Brown Rice Tai Chi or Brown Rice Chi Kung. Chi Kung is the Chinese words for Ki Energy Cultivation.

White Rice is nice to eat but not as substantial or healthy as brown rice. It digests much more quickly. It doesn’t give as much back in terms of energy and doesn’t involve the small intestine like brown rice does.

The small intestine is an organ in the lower abdomen that relates to the Hara (core or center). Recently medical scientists have discovered that the nerves run up from the gut to the brain not the other way round as previously thought.

The quality of the small intestine is related to the quality of how we feel in our self. Interestingly whole grains are one of the few foods that fully involve and work the small intestine in a complete way.

When we talk about Brown Rice Tai Chi (Ki Training) we are talking about a practice that really works the core centre and our base (legs and hips).

Modern Tai Chi is often expressed in a white rice way – fluffy and insubstantial, the understanding has become clouded.

Take calligraphy – for life force in Japan and China – Ki or Chi – it was originally expressed with the strokes of steam rising from a pot of cooking brown rice. In recent history with the refinement of food – the central strokes in calligraphy has been replaced with the brush strokes for white rice.

When we eat foods that do not work the core organ – the small intestines – the upper organs work harder – liver, spleen, pancreas and stomach, the center of gravity rises and upper body movement becomes over emphasized.

However with natural diet and movement, our body realigns, our deeper life force awakens – deep health and a fuller life is the result.

Ah the wonders of Ki Training – Brown Rice Tai Chi.

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