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Aikido Bokken and Jo

  • Learn self-defence and a peaceful martial art
  • Develop your mind, body and spirit
  • Enjoy training with and making new friends
  • Classes for beginners to advanced
  • Classes for women and children

First Class

Bokken and Jo (Sword and Staff Technique)

Event Days:
2024 Term 1 will start on Monday 29th January at 6.30am to 7.30am.

Type: Courses
Level: General

Learn the arts of enlightened action through the practise of Sword and Staff. Sword develops clarity, decisiveness, focus and effective action. It is related to the linear mind. Staff develops expanding energy, coordinated fluidity and creative response. It is related to the lateral mind. Together they make up what is called the cross Aiki. They bring out in one’s character and action the full expression of Yin and Yang and the principles of Fire (KA) and Water (MI).
Covering all aspects including:

– Preliminary exercises for Sword and Staff (Juki and Aiki Jo and Ken Taiso).
– Ki training for Bokken and Jo.
– The four expressions of Solo Kata (Go-ju-ryu and Ki).
– Partner training (Kumitachi and Jumijo).
– Standard – Reversed and Two Sword method
– Misogi no jo and Misogi no bokken
– Freestyle spiritual fencing (Shin Jiyu Ken)
– The inner and outer factors (Kami)
– Multiple partners
– Philosophy of Sword and Staff and the Spiritual Dimension