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Autumn 2015 Newsletter

May 2, 2015

2 May 2015

To Shin Sen members and friends

Autumn is well underway with its sometimes-beautiful and often wild weather. The Dojo continues to evolve and change. Michal Topolcany after being with us for 7 years has moved back to his homeland in the Czech Republic. We have enjoyed having him with us these years and he has progressed into a fine Aikidoist. He also attained diplomas in Macrobiotic Counselling and Ki Shiatsu. He participated strongly in nearly all the training that the Dojo offered. We wish him and his partner Sonja every success on their journey and offer him every encouragement in taking the way of Shin Sen to Europe.

Also leaving to return to his homeland New Zealand, is the Dojo Sempai (most senior practitioner) Geoff Ritchie. Sensei Geoff has been a pillar of Shin Sen Dojo having practiced in all the arts for nearly 26 years. He has attained 6th Dan Aikido and achieved senior levels in Ki Shiatsu, Macrobiotics, Ki Energy Cultivation, Kotodama, Misogi and Bokken and Jo. He is going to start a Dojo and share the teachings in New Zealand. Hopefully he will have the time to do that with all the visitors he will attract from the Dojo here.

2 and a half years ago Sarkis Doueihi came to the Dojo and began practicing. He brought a positive, inspired and visionary quality to the Dojo. After one or two classes he approached me and offered to make our website more current. Through many challenges and hard work that website is now launched ( I would like to acknowledge his very giving, hard working and supportive Ki he has given to me through this project. Also Ran de Silva has worked very hard in bringing this project into reality. I would also like to acknowledge Dominic Stone in his work on the Dojo Facebook.

Domo Arigato Gosaimasu to all!

So please enjoy the website it also has a number of videos, audios, blogs etc on several subjects. In future we would like to expand what there is and so like all worthwhile endeavours it is a work in progress. I have also started tweeting @ShinSenArts if you are interested in following it.

In closing I would like to mention the upcoming Winter Aiki Intensive – see link. It is one of my favourite practices. In winter, Ki can stagnate and so doing an intensive training at this time can give that lift of momentum to our Ki to support us moving positively throughout the year. This is Inori – riding the seasonal energy to higher levels of health and success.

For new people to the Dojo – it is a practice of 6 – one-hour sessions per day over 3 days. You can do the whole intensive or part – even just one session.

Wishing you happiness and success – An old saying “In Winter hold fast to the Pillar.”

Ken McLean

Sensei of Shin Sen Dojo

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