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April 2014 Newsletter

April 13, 2014

Greetings. I hope this email finds you in great health and moving towards the realization of all your goals. For this is the main purpose of all the practices and services of Shin Sen Dojo to support you in the full expression of your deeper self in all areas of your life.

Sometimes we may need to pause and re-set our life vision, to rekindle the fire of our passion, or where we want to really go and what we really want.

The practice of Shin Sen Arts (Aikido, Ki Energy Cultivation, Macrobiotics and Ki-Shiatsu) are all about activating momentum in actualizing our goals.

Take Aikido for example; the first victory of Aiki is called Victory over our self. The self that interferes and prevents us Being who we really are. The second victory is called Victory through being in harmony with our true destiny. The path that you were put on this earth to express. The first victory then is to allow your uniqueness to come out fully. Then our path unfolds positively. This is real-it happens! So by training, we are intentionalising and adding momentum to the expression of our true life.

Please take time to reflect (meditate) on what it is you want to bring to this planet, then re-set your resolve and practice to bring this into Being. Add support by having things in your life to strengthen will and health.

“Nothing within heaven and earth can inhibit the expression of my true self!”

– an ancient affirmation.

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