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Aikido For Women

  • Learn self-defence and a peaceful martial art
  • Develop your mind, body and spirit
  • Enjoy training with and making new friends
  • Classes for beginners to advanced
  • Classes for women and children

First Class

Aikido for Women Classes

Do you ever feel unsafe when walking alone at night? Do you have to carefully plan how you’re going to get from one place to another after dark? Have you ever been put in a situation that’s made you feel physically vulnerable? Do you wish you could improve your fitness, but are put off by the unwelcoming atmosphere of the gym?

Aikido is the perfect solution to all of these issues.

Our Aikido training courses prove that this martial art is so much more than just a sport.

It gives you valuable skills in self-defence and self-confidence and is also a great way of learning discipline and gaining an understanding of the self.

Many women are put off more aggressive forms of martial arts, as they’re concerned about getting hurt or don’t like the idea of violence.

Aikido is different.

It focuses on blending your own Ki energy with that of your attacker, and finding harmony and balance within oneself. It is a much less aggressive and confrontational martial art style than many of the more well-known forms.

Rather than the kicks, blows and punches that are traditionally associated with martial arts, Aikido is a unique practice which relies on positioning, balance and timing to redirect the energy of an opponent’s attack, as opposed to meeting it head-on.

An attack is seen as being controlled by the attacker’s Ki energy flow, rather than a particular body part. The Ki energy goes first – the arm, leg or weapon simply follows afterwards.

This is most apparent in the evasive Aikido move known as ‘taisabaki’.

The uke (attacker) experiences a flow of Ki energy causing them to jut out their bokken (a wooden staff). Rather than blocking or grabbing the staff, the tori (defender) simply flows with the curve of the weapon and evades it by stepping aside, accepting the Ki of the attacker.

Giving the gift of safety

Aikido is based on power with someone, not power over them.

In Aikido, softness is used to overcome hardness, space can overpower aggression, and suppleness wins over strength – non-resistance is key. Movement is centred around the arms, legs and hips, and one’s core is strengthened.

Aikido isn’t about becoming the biggest, fastest or strongest.

No matter your fitness levels or how strong you are, you can learn the fluid movements required. This means Aikido is perfect for any woman looking to learn how to defend herself in a non-confrontational manner.

That means it’s perfect for women looking to restore balance, joy and health to their lives, and is highly popular among Sydney women.

Further benefits of Aikido classes for women

Although Aikido classes for women are perfect for learning self-defence, there is also a wide range of other benefits.

Aikido is about much more than simply learning to resolve conflict safely and confidently. It also helps you to find harmony both inside and outside the Dojo.

✔ The etymology of Aikido comes from the Japanese ‘ai’ meaning ‘unifying’ or ‘harmonising’, ‘ki’ which is the spirit or life force within all of nature, and ‘dō’ which is a way or path. Therefore, at our supportive and calming Dojo, women can learn a way of dealing with life’s challenges and harnessing inner life force which stays with you long after you step off the mat.

✔ Ki is the energy behind everything on this earth, including nature, and ourselves. Aikido improves and cultivates the mind and spirit as much as it tones and conditions the body. Women in today’s culture are more stressed and under more pressure than ever before. Aikido is an ideal way to learn to get in touch with your true inner power (Ki), by unifying your mind and body.

✔ A little like swimming in the ocean, the non-resistant art of Aikido teaches you to avoid resisting the flow or ‘current’ of another’s movements, instead working with them and taking power from them. By taking up Aikido, you don’t just learn to harmonise with your attacker’s attempts to fight; you also achieve a sense of harmony with the flow of nature’s forces.

✔ Aikido is an ideal training for women as it helps you to release your inner spiritual warrior and realise the unmistakable power of femininity. Practising this art helps you to express yourself, whether it’s in your personal life, at work, or in sport. It trains your body, but more importantly trains your spirit and will, so you believe in your ability to achieve everything you want in life.

Are female-friendly classes offered?

Aikido is welcoming and inclusive. Women may participate in all classes but can contact the Dojo if they wish to discuss any anxieties they may have before attending.

Beginners and more advanced classes are available for women, at various times of the day.

Please see our timetable for more information.

What will I learn?

Learn a martial art, get fit, or come to make new friends. It’s hard to name all the possible reasons you might want to start learning Aikido.

There are so many benefits to enjoy, especially for women who may find other sports or fitness activities difficult or uncomfortable. You can:

– Learn and train in how to defend yourself safely and peacefully
– Gain new levels of confidence and self-assertiveness
– Become better at being mindful thanks to expert guidance
– Become more flexible and get stronger core muscles

Aikido is a martial art that is highly effective for women, offering an holistic service that provides fitness, fun and an outlet for frustration in a safe, welcoming space.

As well as learning physical moves, you will find inner peace and learn about yourself alongside other women going through similar experiences. Even though it is an individual journey, it can be a shared and valued experience.

By choosing Shin Sen Dojo, you will also experience first hand:

✓ A large, spacious venue fully equipped with everything you need to succeed, including comfortable rice mats for your feet
✓ A calming, positive atmosphere where students empower each other and make great friends, rather than competing. Everyone is welcome, no matter their age, gender or ability.
✓ A sensei who tailors their training approach to your specific skill set, personality and goals, and gives honest advice while remaining humble

Why should women choose us?

Our Dojo has years of experience to help support women find fitness and learn useful self-defence tips for women. We offer unrivalled classes in Aikido for women Sydney-wide.

Come along to your first lesson for free and learn first hand why so many women keep coming back to the Dojo.

The Aikido benefits for women are wide and varied. It is a martial art that is suited for women of all shapes and sizes, including petite or small women, as it offers a holistic approach to our lives. Aikido is designed to restore our lives’ balance and bring us joy, success and health.

It is still very powerful in a fight, as it harnesses flexibility and strength, but more importantly, it will lead you to self-victory as you gain clarity in your life’s purpose.

For this reason, if you’re wondering ‘what martial art is suitable for women and girls?’, Aikido is the answer.

We believe it is the best martial art for women as it allows them to understand their own body and inner strength unlike any other. It is a martial art well suited for petite women, but women of all sizes, ages and abilities are bound to love the training.

About Sensei Ken

Shin Sen Dojo was founded by Sensei Ken McLean, a martial arts expert with decades of experience.

For the past four decades, he has particularly focused on honing his skills in Aikido, Ki Energy Cultivation and Aiki Healing Arts like Macrobiotics and Ki Shiatsu. His skills in teaching as an experienced practitioner are world-renowned and well-respected, and his holistic approach to Aikido and other practices is what makes him one of the most respectable Sensei in Sydney.

His father, a former Australian professional boxer, taught Ken the basics of absorbing an opponent’s attack strength and energy, but it is Ken’s own passion and persistence which have got him where he is today and brought the Shin Sen Dojo to life.

At the age of 12, Ken started to train in Judo, Aiki Jujitsu and even yoga. So began a lifelong love of healing arts, martial arts and spirituality. His understanding of Macrobiotics, Ki energy and great nature (Shizen) inspires students of all genders, ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Where we train

Based in Kensington and welcoming men, women and children from all over Sydney, the Shin Sen Dojo is a leading and innovative training centre teaching Aikido, Ki Cultivation, Macrobiotics and Shiatsu.

Established in 1980, Shin Sen Dojo has been instilling confidence, strength and valuable self defence skills for nearly four decades.

Under the teachings of world renowned Sensei Ken Mclean, you can learn and grow as you work towards unifying mind, body and spirit.

Learn a martial art, get fit, or come to make new friends.

All of our sessions are taught in our Sydney Dojo, conveniently located in the heart of Kensington.

59A Boronia St, Kensington NSW 2033, Australia


Turning up to the first session was daunting, but I fell head over heels straight away. I started attending to try and improve my fitness, but the main thing I ended up gaining was a real sense of calm and an ability to look into myself, which means I can tackle stress at work and home so much more easily.
Anna Taylor
I'm a bit of an anxious person, so having that little bit of peace of mind that I feel confident if something were to happen to me, just helps me feel that much better each week. It's a small thing, but it makes a huge difference to me.
Kathleen Grey
My fitness has improved dramatically, and I'm looking and feeling the best I've ever felt.
Sandra Hill
After trying my first lesson with my girlfriend for free, I haven't stopped going. It's an important part of each week for me, and helps me get my stresses out and restore balance I didn't realise I was missing.
Jules Riveria

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Prices vary depending on the type of class you take and how you pay. Contact us today to find out prices based on what suits your lifestyle and try your first class for free. Our class costs are competitive, and it’s less expensive than most gym memberships.

  • Absolutely! In fact, it is believed to be the best martial art for women as you learn about your own body deeply and discover the power of Ki. We have many women try our Dojo and stick with us long term because we offer inclusive, comfortable spaces to learn and train.

  • That depends on how much you want to learn. We offer lessons to all skill levels and ages, so you can keep learning, developing and growing as the months and years go by, or if you’d prefer to try for a term or two to see if you can notice a difference in your life, we encourage you to give it a go.

  • Your first session is free, so why not come and give it a try? You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain. Through decades of experience, we will guide you in exactly what is right for you. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you might have before getting started.

  • The Shin Sen Dojo is welcoming and accepting of all. We offer classes for children, adults and teens as well as training for women. Contact us to find out more about what class best suits your needs.

  • Our timetable is available online and updated regularly, so have a browse through to see when different classes are offered. With classes offered in the morning, evening and all through the week, there’s bound to be something that can suit your lifestyle.

  • We are Sydney’s leading Dojo, welcoming any and every member who wishes to join. We offer women-only Aikido classes as well as adult and kids Aikido classes, to ensure our Dojo environment has the right facilities and atmosphere to cater to anyone with an interest in martial arts.

    Open since 1980, we have the experience and innovative training techniques needed to inspire and motivate you to succeed. Our lessons not only prepare you to defend yourself but also instil you with more confidence and inner strength. With forty years’ experience, we are the best Dojo Kensington-wide.

  • For your first session, bring loose fitting and comfortable clothes to exercise in and a water bottle. As you progress, you might find particular items will help you, but that can be discussed with your Sensei as needed.

  • Whether you are an adult or a child, or looking for enjoyment, fitness, or self-defence, Aikido has much to offer.

    You don’t have to be in perfect shape or an experienced athlete, and you won’t be trying to break bricks or wooden boards.

    As a modern, non-aggressive Japanese martial art, Aikido is more than the resolution of physical conflict.

    It is one aspect of spiritual growth and is the perfect place for a beginner to learn about their mind, body and spirit.

  • A typical class is between one hour and one and a half hours long.

    It may include:

    – Stretching
    – Centring and Ki exercises
    – Basic rolling and breakfalls
    – Traditional Aikido techniques, both standing and kneeling
    – Hand-to-hand training
    – Hand-to-weapon training
    – Weapon-to-weapon training
    – Weapon-specific training
    – Bokken training (wooden sword)
    – Jo training (wooden staff)
    – Tanto training (wooden knife)
    – Meditation
    – Controlled breathing

    Please note: Due to the dynamic movement required, please check with your health care practitioner if you are uncertain about your physical ability to participate.