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Absorbing Spring Ki

September 1, 2014

1st September 2014

Greetings and hope this newsletter finds you traveling your heaven’s sent path with joy and inspiration.

Another spring is coming round, as the cycle of life spirals onwards. Spring is full of the rising Ki – it is time to extend forward with new vigour. The energy at this time is called Seiki. This is a bright vital and light energy. In the body its expression is related to healthy kidneys and liver, which combined manifest in the qualities of enthusiasm, creativity and adventure, to meet new challenges and further extend ourselves into deeper development.

Sometimes though this can feel like a struggle. When we rebalance and harmonise our Ki, it becomes more like riding a wave that supports our forward momentum. Every spring at Shin Sen Dojo we do a light morning intensive for five mornings for one hour each day starting from Monday 22nd of September at 6.30am (see link that follows). In the early morning the Seiki gathers, it is an ideal time to practice and catch the Ki that comes with the rising sun.

When we are born we come with our Ki wave. However sometimes we can be ahead of the wave or sometimes behind. Then it feels more challenging and difficult, almost as if its a struggle to realize our goals. True training brings us into harmony with our deeper self and we find a more effortless quality – that things fall into place more naturally – more easily. The aiki macrobiotic way increases these moments more and more. So that our energy is not wasted or depleted.

So let us all practice joyfully together to catch and ride the wave of our true selves.

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