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8 Martial Arts Myths

April 25, 2019

Martial arts, such as aikido and karate, are more popular than ever. Sadly, though, there is no shortage of misconceptions surrounding martial arts training. Here are eight of the most common myths you may encounter on your journey.

  1. You should train in the most popular style

Most martial art styles have their time in the sun, thanks to Hollywood movies, TV and celebrity endorsements. However, the style which is popular today will largely be forgotten tomorrow. So, basing your choice on what is popular right now is setting yourself up for failure.

  1. Training in x martial art will make you a better person

This is simply untrue. Regardless of which martial arts style you choose, it will not change you as a person. The techniques you learn will teach you discipline and increase your strength, but it’s up to you to change your attitude.

  1. Martial arts are overly spiritual

While some martial arts, like aikido has some spiritual and philosophical aspects, most practices are not grounded in spirituality at all. As Senseis come from all manner of religious backgrounds, faith has no bearing on what you are taught while training.

  1. Martial arts are only for men

This is absolutely false. Your gender is no indicator as to how successful you will be in your martial arts training. The holistic training offered in disciplines like aikido has made martial arts just as popular with women as they are with men. Unsurprisingly, you will find just as many women as men in your classes.

  1. A coloured belt directly reflects ability

The colour of your belt is no indication of your ability. While conventional wisdom says that a black belt is the height of expertise, many martial arts practices do not use the belt system at all.

  1. You must be coordinated and flexible

This is false. You will be taught many techniques during your training – some will come easily, others won’t. And, it’s not essential for everyone to be able to do a flying kick to be proficient in the martial art of your choice. Your instructor will recognise your strengths, and work with them, not against them.

  1. X style is more effective than other martial arts

Simply browse the internet and you’ll find countless devotees of certain martial arts styles asserting that their style is superior to others. This is not true. The truth is, all martial arts are different, and will bring out different strengths as you study them.

  1. You are too old to train

Never. As you age, you can choose to limit what you can or cannot do, or you can fully embrace life. Many people have discovered martial arts in their 60s and beyond, and have never felt stronger or healthier.

Dispel some of these myths for yourself, by starting your martial arts journey at Shin Sen Dojo today.

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