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5 Reasons to Learn Shiatsu

November 24, 2019

It develops your Ki (Chi)

Shiatsu is the art of moving people’s energy through touch. It uses the pressure points that run along the meridians (energy lines) of the body. Through the use of pleasant firm pressure to all areas of the body, it promote complete well being to the body and mind. The practitioners uses each treatment to center and ground themselves and enter into a meditative or flow state. This not only makes for an amazing treatment but also deeply affects the practitioners mind and body harmoniously.

You become a center of influence 

Through the timeless knowledge that learning shiatsu gives you, you find that you attract people with all types of challenges that you can positively affect. Whether it is through giving them hands on treatment or food and lifestyle advise, clients find that health and well being improves remarkably. Nothing is greater in promoting your own personal happiness than in seeing others life improve due to your influence.

You gain timeless knowledge

The timeless knowledge of Eastern and natural medicine presents many wonderful aspects, one of these is the many connections within the body. For example someone may have a pain in their ankle which is connected to several other parts of the body such as back, shoulder and the ear.   By holding points a certain way the pain in the ankle is released and the associated organ is moved towards greater health, in this case the kidneys. You develop the understanding of how certain emotions are connected to certain parts of the body as well as which organ they are connected to.

You learn how to recognize the quality of someone’s health through visual diagnosis

This is the understanding that our internal condition is reflected through our face. This is the ancient art of oriental diagnosis. Certain lines, colour and shape clearly reflect the condition, health and where the main challenges lie for that person. This enables you to go straight to the main issue and promote positive change.

You can have a meaningful and satisfying profession

To have work where you see people’s lives become healthier and happier is incredibly satisfying. To have a job where you interact with others in a state of mindfulness and where your own life force – Ki (Chi), become stronger and more expressed brings great enjoyment every day. As you guide others to greater yet more balanced lives is really the meaning of the expression “living your greatest life”.

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