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5 Lessons Learnt from Training in Aikido

July 25, 2019

There is far more to aikido than learning self-defence techniques. This peaceful Japanese martial art can also teach you many valuable life lessons, which will make you a far more well-rounded, considerate person.

Here are the top six lessons you’ll learn through aikido training.


Value your partner

In aikido, as in life, partners are essential. Aikido training takes place in pairs – the roles constantly change between the tori (the person performing the technique) and the uke (the person receiving said technique). Life is no different. Aikido shows you how to value your partner(s) in life, respect them and understand they helped you get where you are today.


Never be forceful with others

While training, you should follow the path of least resistance when practicing aikido techniques. The same rule applies to your opinions. Aikido teaches you to never force your opinions or ideas on others. Instead, practice taking others’ views into consideration to work in harmony.


Consider things from others’ perspective

The tenkan movement shows you how to diffuse the energy of an attack, while gaining a greater perspective of your surroundings. It also teaches this valuable life lesson: always look at situations from the other person’s perspective. This technique prevents conflict escalation and helps you make level-headed decisions.


Stop conflict before it starts

In aikido, you learn to anticipate an attack before it occurs. You can apply this to your everyday life by never waiting until it is too late. In other words, if waiting will worsen a situation, always choose to stop aggression before it overtakes the situation. The qualities of foresight and concentration are vital for successful conflict resolution.


Always act in love

Aikido teaches you to always act with compassion. All techniques are designed to diffuse conflict, turning the situation into a win-win for all involved. Similarly, aikido shows you how to resolve conflicts with understanding, with a compassionate, open heart.

This helps you become a more collaborative, understanding person, and prevents a lot of nasty misunderstandings.


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